Time Session

Bloomberg Media presents
consumer digital content behaviour.

Workshop. An analysis of affluent digital behaviour before, during and post the first COVID-19 lockdown. From shifts in the way affluent consume media to the news topics they couldn’t be without, a high-level view of the changing face of the digital world during a global crisis.

Phil Robinson: Head of Data Science & Insights EMEA, Bloomberg Media


Deconstructing the decade:
how the Modern Affluent consumer will shape the world.

Panel. We expect the Modern Affluent consumer to shape the world economy in the future, but what will that look like? Our panel will discuss the implications across multiple sectors, from property to travel, with a real focus on the current and future demands of this demographic.

Chair: William Hutchings: Founder, A brand lives tomorrow

Jamie Caring: Founder, Stevengage

Liam Bailey: Head of Insight, Knight Frank

Ross Bailey: Founder, Appear Here


Sustainability v Profitability.

Panel. Sustainable entrepreneur Dominic McVey dives into the world of cause-led consumers. Increasingly, people’s personal values are influencing their purchasing decisions, but the battle between altruism and profitability presents a problem. Can we achieve both?

Chair: Dominic McVey

Diana Verde Nieto: CEO, Positive Luxury

Margareta Mahlstedt: General Manager, Marketing, Porsche

Max Gottschalk: Founder, Ocean14 Capital


Deloitte presents
the future of consumer spend.

Workshop. Join us for a comprehensive look at consumer spending across 17 countries throughout the COVID-19 pandemic courtesy of Deloitte. Using these data points, we will try to predict what might come next for the country and the wider world.

Sandeep Gill: Global Financial Advisory and M&A Leader (Consumer)

Matthew Guest: Partner, Digital Strategy


Exploring altered aspirations:
information versus implicit status symbols.

Panel. Discover a new type of luxury consumer: one that eschews status symbols for a journey of betterment and self-optimisation. Their focus is on physical and mental wellbeing, the learning process and living a more holistic life.

Chair: Victoria Buchanan, Senior Analyst, The Future Laboratory

Ben Branson: Founder and CEO, Seedlip

Raissa De Haas: Co-Founder, Double Dutch


The undiscovered diversity of affluence.

Workshop. Chris Kenna thinks that luxury brands need to wake up. Having figured out a means to target diverse, typically overlooked groups, he has tapped into a whole new, very lucrative consumer base, which brands can only ignore at their peril.

Chris Kenna: Founder and CEO, Brand Advance