29 March 2019


08.30 - 12.30

Followed by an Adoreum Club lunch at Kym's restaurant

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How consumers spend their disposable income continues to evolve at pace.

The emergence of the modern affluent consumer has given rise to rapid change. This new consumer expects brands to invest in their shared future – from concerns for global footprint, to a focus on personal growth, self-love and mindfulness. An audience which purchases both luxury and high-street brands, they are excited by imaginative new collaborations. They value a genuine experience, without intrusive ads, and they will seek it out.

The Modern Affluence Summit will provide a unique set of insights delivered through a curated agenda of global brands and business leaders. Providing attendees with vital knowledge required to shape global communications and business strategies.

Focusing on the emerging luxury consumer the event will discuss how to grow share of wallet amongst a modern affluent audience who have recently reached $70 trillion in global spending power (Capgemini World Wealth Report, 2018).

It will be unique and powerful in its approach, asking daring questions, pushing the boundaries in its delivery, and providing delegates with fresh insight.

What do we mean by ‘modern affluence’

We are experiencing the rise of a new type of consumer. Unlike their predecessors, this new consumer bases their purchasing decisions within a framework based around a set of values. They aspire to consumption that provides authenticity, purpose and passion. We have defined them as the Modern Affluent consumer.

By 2020 their global spending power will be greater than any previous generation. As the dominant consumer, they will increasingly shape the world's economy.

In order to engage them both established brands and start-ups must rethink their definition of affluence to align with the Modern Affluent consumer.


Time Session
8:30 - 9:20 Networking  /  Breakfast  /  Registration
9:20 - 9:30

Ben @ Keko &
Marcus @ Adoreum

Welcome & opening remarks
9:30 - 9:45

Phil Robinson

The Changing Face of Wealth & Spending
9:45 - 10:00

Thomas Benski

Content For Modern Affluent Consumers
10:00 - 10:15

Emily Bromfield

Shared Values & Bravery
10:15 - 10:30

Bunny Kinney

Translating Traditional Brands into a Modern Lexicon
10:30 - 10:45

Ron Timehin

Delivering Your Brand's Narrative On Social
10:45 - 11:00

Dolly Jones

Living Up To The Communications Promise
11:00 - 11:15

Dominic McVey

Investing In What Matters
11:15 - 11:45 Networking  /  Tea & Coffee
11:45 - 12:30

Panel Discussions

Next Generation Entrepreneurs
12:30 Adoreum Club lunch at Kyms Restaurant

Further information

Phil Robinson

Head of Data Science & Insight Bloomberg

74% of the HNWI population have lived in 5 or more countries, women account for 40% of global wealth and by 2025, 47% of spending power will be controlled by millennials; and they're just the facts available in public. We take a step into Bloomberg's wealth of data to better understand the traits and demands of our future consumers, their spending behaviours and their growing role in society.

Emily Bromfield

Luxury Brand Consultant

In 2004 Emily went on to start a successful career in luxury make-up and cosmetics, initially working at L’Oreal and Lancome before going on to be part of the founding team that launched the multi award winning brand Charlotte Tilbury in 2013. While there she oversaw the launch of the brand in the U.S, Canada, Europe and The Middle East. Currently Emily is a luxury Brand Consultant working with One Luxury Group. Emily will discuss how to successfully develop global brands in the modern economy, illustrated with personal accounts from her experience developing & executing the marketing launch strategy on and offline.

Thomas Benski

CEO & Co-Founder Pulse Films

How do we connect with these mythical audiences, where are they in the digital landscape and what resonates with them? Offering a unique set of insights into the disruption of media, and themselves the epitome of bravery and clarity, we take a disruptive view into the world of millennial and gen-y communications channels and what brands need to do to be seen.

Bunny Kinney

Global Editorial Director Dazed Media

Enter an inspirational and experienced translator, a tourguide into the reality of modern-affluent communications strategies, drawing on experience from helping brands like Chanel maintain their integrity but appear relevant to a new audience, and succeed in engaging them. Bunny has helped evolve brand's stories and their meaning to an audience that is as challenging as it is demanding.

Ron Timehin

Content Creator & Photographer

Ron Timehin is a freelance photographer and Sony Imaging Ambassador based in London.

Specialising in Cityscape and Portrait photography, Ron has established a varied client list that consists of commissioned work for brands including Apple, Adidas, Adobe, American Express, Canada Goose, Nike and Mercedes Benz.

Dolly Jones

Chief Content Officer Eco-Age

Dolly Jones is a Journalist and Digital Strategist who joined Eco-Age as Chief Content Officer in 2018 having spent 20 years at Condé Nast. After editing British Vogue's digital platforms for 15 years she became Content & Strategy Director of the wider digital portfolio, including Vogue, GQ, Wired, CNTraveller, Vanity Fair and House & Garden. Dolly will provide insight into the importance of sustainability and brand values to younger generations, as they become increasingly cautious of their global footprint. For brands to succeed in the modern era, a deep dive into one's environmental impact is critical.

Dominic McVey


Here we take you into the incredible world of another serial millennial-entrepreneur who is a shining light of inspiration for brands and businesses that are aware however compelling their proposition or communications campaign, if your business practices and supply chain don't live up to the integrity of your consumers there is a serious chink in your brand armour.

Panel discussion

As we pause to reflect on the compelling insights discussed during the mornings key-note speeches, we host a panel of inspiring individuals that epitomise the attitude of the Modern Affluent audience; differing in age, gender, experience and perspective we will explore the theme of bravery in business:

What does bravery mean to you? And how do you stay ahead of the consumers of tomorrow?