We are on a mission to define affluence

Traditionally it was about luxury and status. Today, it is being defined by a new generation of consumers. With a spending power that is greater than any previous group, as of last year, the modern affluent millennial and generation Z consumer is shaping the world economy.

This group are abandoning traditional symbols of ownership and focusing on expressing their individuality. In order to survive brands have to adapt. They need to meet these cultural expectations head on and embrace the new value codes that are emerging. Brands that understand this will win share of heart and wallet.

Framed by a mindful approach we will bring industry leaders together to ask daring questions, providing businesses new insight on this Modern Affluent consumer.

Affluence is changing. The Modern Affluence Summit 2021 marks the beginning of a new decade amidst one of the fastest periods of change for generations. Affluent Gen’ Z, Gen’ Alpha and beyond are realising that a better world is theirs to make.

Business targeting a Modern Affluent Consumer?

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Modern Affluent Individual?

Join our research panel and be paid for helping us with our insight. We want to know what matters to you, your opinion of world issues, brands and individuals of note (in fact you tell us who and what is of note) your attitude to life and how you choose to behave within this world to help shape it into a better one.

Modern Affluence Summit attendee?

Dear CMOs, entrepreneurs, hedge fund and family office representatives, marketing and PR agency individuals, trade press representatives, Modern Affluent HNWIs and / or influencers. You’re invited to join our Summit at Soho Works, 180 The Strand in association with Porsche, Deloitte and Bloomberg. Waiting for Boris to confirm a date but in the meantime, you’ll find all other details here.

Possible Partner?

If you are a brand interested in shaping this conversation with us or a thought leadership specialist in this area let’s chat.

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